“That perfect tranquility of life, which is nowhere to be found but in a retreat, a faithful friend and a good library”.

Arwachin World School has a full- fledged well-endowed library with spacious reference and reading area to aid students in their pursuit of knowledge. It has a collection of wonderful and exciting books suited to the needs and tastes of growing children. The total number of books for the library is a whooping 20000 with the number increasing with each passing year. The library has sections ranging from textbooks, reference books, fiction, general knowledge, books on mythology, music, art and craft , sports, cookery, computers, biographies, Encyclopedias etc. The books are carefully graded so as to suit the needs of every age group.

School's fully computerized library has the following to cater the requirements of teachers and students.

  • Huge collection of Textbooks & Ref. books.
  • Hobby Books, Audio-Visual material & News paper clipping
  • Facility for Reference & Current awareness.
  • Browne system of "Issue and Return" of Books.
  • Project like "Story Hour" Book Seminar, Book Fairs, Book Week etc.
  • Separate Reading Room enriched with huge Periodicals, Journals and Newspapers.
  • Well-stocked electronic library.
  • Well-stocked Book Bank.